Our mission began in 2006

Gulf War Chemicals was begun as a family research effort - to see if there were other affected families. We have been overwhelmed by the numbers of veterans (now in the hundreds) who have contacted us after become seriously ill with diseases linked to chemical exposure.

A common link found in their medical reports - such as abnormal chomosome damage that is most likely caused by exposure are the type of medical studies that we are requesting. See our Medical Page for additional information.

What Can We Do?

When we began this site (2006) and as we became aware, family by family, of the hundreds of other veterans suffering from chemical exposure and diseases related to their time of service we were frankly overwhelmed. This is certainly a greater issue than we can handle alone!

So we are here to seek your help & support for this issue. By working together we can begin to get our veterans and their families the help they need and deserve.

Behind the Scenes

GWC was founded in 2006 by family members of:

Matthew Bumpus

Steven Ochs

Family representatives travelled to Washington D.C. in October 2009 to attend the U.S. Senate Committee of Veteran Affairs. VA/DOD Response to Certain Military Exposures Hearing, where Stacy Pennington eloquently testified on behalf of her brother, Steven Ochs, Matthew Bumpus and other victims.


Your Acknowledgement Helps

For veterans & their families, the public acknowledgement that these veterans did in fact give their lives for their country is as important as any other benefit. Their children, their wives, their parents, their loved ones deserve to have this sacrifice acknowledged and honored. Currently, many of the veterans listed on these pages do not even qualify for the "Gold Star" status. We invite you to take a moment and visit our Call To Action page and share your thoughts and perhaps appreciation for their sacrifices.

We are working as a team

There are many of us working together behind the scenes to help these veterans and their families and to change regulations which deny service connection.

The Burn Pits

One of the most likely/common causes of chemical exposure is the burn pits that were in operation 24/7 on bases throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. For additional information you may want to also visit:

BurnPits360 provides breaking news and other sources.

Supporting Those Who Have Served

As a country, as a community, we must honor and take care of our service men and women.

After all they have done, on our behalf, it is our responsibility to assist them in every way possible when they, in the line of duty, are injured or killed.

It is our duty to stand up and ask that those who have paid the ultimate price be remembered and their families cared for.

We want to prevent another Agent Orange situation, where it takes 40 years before progress is made. To do this we need your voice!

GWC Serves To Bring Awareness

We are not asking for your money - only for your support to get medical research done. GWC exists soley as an informational site, no funds are involved as all services are volunteer and our few expenses covered.

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